Energy-Saver PC8 Air Conditioner with Free Pyramid Tent and Focus Enhancer

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This is our lowest price sleeping arrangement made with Australian technology and quality.

Place your order quickly: there are less than 10 of these units left for sale.

  • Save up to 85% on power costs by creating a comfortable micro-climate around you. Pay only Rs 1500 – 2000 a month for electricity.
  • PC8 works in any size of room, and runs on UPS through load shedding.
  • Room air conditioners waste 90% of more of the cooling power on walls, floors, furniture, Close Comfort uses only 320 Watts, less than four light bulbs.
  • It’s affordable, good for economy and the environment.
  • It’s so simple: just plug it in and switch it on for instant cooling. There’s no installation, no need to wait for the room to cool, no pipes, or emptying condensed water.
  • Minimal maintenance: just check the filters every two weeks. No consumables, no water, no ice, no recharging.

You will receive our Pakistan-made pyramid tent and PC8 air conditioner designed for economy, comfort, health and well-being, with these features:

  • 90 m3/hour air flow 
  • Whisper quiet
  • Feel cool up to 4 feet away (8 feet away with Focus Enhancer, see accessories)
  • Single speed operation
  • Sine wave UPS recommended for quiet operation (at least 1000 VA capacity)
  • Simplicity
  • 320 Watts power consumption
  • Background noise 52 dBA
  • Easy to carry or move on its wheels: same size as airline carry-on roller suitcase
  • Only 17 kg weight
  • 24 months compressor warranty (12 months on other parts).

The air conditioner can be used on its own, or with the free bed tent to keep you cooler and safe from insects. 

We recommend you use the tent for sleeping in all inland areas of Pakistan, and coastal areas where you need extra cooling or your bedroom is exposed to afternoon sun or you need mosquito protection at night.

The tent has been designed for ease of use, durability, and maximum cooling.

This tent will keep you bug-free and cool through the hottest summer nights.

  • Australian technology and quality standard
  • Space for tall people
  • Fits double beds up to King size (210 cm x 180 cm, 7 ft x 6 ft)
  • Can be used on floor or bed (foot board must be no more than 10 cm higher than mattress)
  • Comfortably fits two sleeping adults and a small child if necessary
  • Light weight construction – only 4.5 kg
  • Fully washable
  • Bottom panel detachable for hand washing
  • 12 months warranty

Note:  The platform shown in some images is an optional accessory which you can order separately (see accessories).