Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner in Pakistan for the fourth year

We are very excited to be selling our portable air conditioner in Pakistan for the fourth year.  We first thrilled our customers with the lowest cost air conditioned comfort available in Pakistan in 2016.  We look forward to helping Pakistan people live comfortably through the coming summer season!

In Australia, Close Comfort is popular with caravan owners and campers who love its simplicity and portability.  You can carry it with you as you travel by car or even by bus!

Why is Close Comfort the best portable air conditioner?

Old style portable air conditioners suck out more air than they cool through that large exhaust hose, and throw that cool air away, outside.  At the same time they suck in an equivalent volume of hot outside air! 

Because of this inefficiency, old style portables need two to three times as much electricity to obtain the same cooling as an equivalent power split AC.

Close Comfort, with its extremely energy-efficient design, has only a small amount of warm air coming from the condenser side of the machine.  This air rises to the ceiling where the thermal mass of the building absorbs the warmth, just like your kitchen fridge.

There's no need for the ugly exhaust pipe, and unlike normal air conditioners, Close Comfort only needs 1.3 Amps, about 300 Watts of AC power.  You will hardly notice the cost on your electric bill. 

Close Comfort: freedom from big electric bills and cooling comfort for a sound night sleep, free from worries about the bill at the end of the month!